Last one home

The last boat heads for shore as the sun heads for the horizon.

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McEwan Hall

The newly refurbished McEwan Hall as seen from seat 8 at the Moray House Graduation ceremony. #MorayHouse #PGDE

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HMS Queen Elizabeth

The Navy’s new carrier embarks on her first sea trials at low tide, passing under the Forth bridges at midnight.

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Earth, conflicted

A representation of the conflict between progress and sustainability. It began as a capture of a flare event at Mossmorran petrochemical plant in Fife. The image was pushed through RollWorld.

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The Forth Rail Bridge at midnight.

The Forth Rail Bridge at midnight from North Queensferry. We were waiting for a ship to pass in the night.

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City squirrel

This little guy was digging for food in the middle of the city, not paying any attention to the people around him.

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Squirrel in Charlotte Square

The squirrels in the city have no fear.

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