RPS Distinction
The Julian Alps
Nick Hood

RPS Distinction

2020, Feb 06    

The Royal Photographic Society has recommended a panel of my photographs for the distinction of Licentiate (LRPS). This, some 8 months after my wife and I first submitted, with one of us being awarded LRPS immediately.

The LRPS Panel

I had to make changes to one of my images (09 Fenchurch Street) to remove distracting lines that were at first taken to be a printing error. You can see all of the images in the panel over on Flickr.

Panel Layout

Sometimes called the eleventh image, the layout of the panel of photographs is an important aspect for the assessors. There has to be a pleasing aesthetic to the arrangement and balance of the images when displayed as a complete body. I spent far too long worrying about details of aspect ratio and colour balance across the panel, I think. The advisory day was useful to get a sense of what the assessors like. These are things like the two faces looking inwards, similar colours at each end of a row, those kinds of spectrumy details that provide satisfaction for a critical viewer, and they are, critical.

Next steps

RPS Logo

I am pleased to have finally achieved this distinction which I take to be an acknowledgement that I am learning something about photography. I’d like to continue my artistic journey by developing my knowledge and skills of the photographic process. I have continued this through making the improvements required to the panel first submitted, and by exploring composition using medium format film, for example.


Image Camera Lens Film/ISO Aperture Shutter Comment
Header image Fuji X-T2 16mm 200 f/11 - 03 Julian Alps, one of the images in my LRPS Panel.
09 Fenchurch Street Fuji X-E2 Fujifilm Fujinon XF27mm F2.8 400 f/8 1/450s The image not up to standard first time, with the lines visible.