TV On Demand

So, we thought we’d catch up on Channel 4’s Humans with some popcorn. On with the Sky box and the telly and press the TV guide. Catch up. Here we go. Microwave is on. Sounds of corn popping.

Sky says we have to contact them because that channel isn’t free to view on demand on the downstairs telly. Weird. We can watch Channel 4 for free on the internet-connected upstairs telly OK, but we wanted to sit with our popcorn, now ready to eat, downstairs.

OK, no problem. XBox. There’s an app.

XBox says it won’t connect to the internet because it wants to do an update first. Sake.

Update eventually installed and restarted and we can sign in and find the app. It needs installed. No problem. Popcorn almost finished now. App installs, but Channel 4 wants us to sign in. Why?

We can’t sign in, we don’t have an account. Why would we have an account for a free-to-air TV channel? It seems we have to visit their website first to create one. Uckfay offhay. Have you people never heard of GDPR?

Popcorn finished. The moment has gone. Casualty it is.

Bring on the AI revolution! Technology is no threat to us.

Sunset on Loch Morar

A cold winter sun sets over Loch Morar

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Three Sisters

The three Forth Bridges looking across Castland Hill

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Almost 1 o’clock

It’s almost one o’clock in Edinburgh. Listen for the cannon…

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Autumn Migration 2

Geese making their autumn migration near the Northern Forth shore.

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Autumn Migration 1

Geese making their autumn migration near the Northern Forth shore.

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There may be trouble ahead

A shale tanker heads up river into a storm

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