Goblin Ha’

An ancient crypt, built, according to legend, by hobgoblins for their necromancer master.

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Bridge to nowhere

This bridge crosses the Inverie burn near St Monans in Fife.

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Portobello Pottery Kiln

Pottery kiln at Portobello, North of Edinburgh

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And(roid) another one bites the dust

I don’t have good experience with Android devices, not that I’ve ever actually bought one. My first device was a Google Nexus I won in a prize draw which was just a flaky piece of junk, even when they eventually sent me a new one after returning the original, with its faulty display, four times.

Luckily enough, I won an Amazon Kindle Fire in the University’s Digital Footprint launch competition, which was handy – my reading list consists mostly of papers and articles that I manage with Mendeley. I can send pdfs automatically using the brilliant Kinsync service, straight to my Kindle.

This morning, alas, my┬áKindle Fire woke up dead. No response, even to the 40-second reset. I eventually found myself talking to Amazon support, who, because the device is still in warranty, have next-day shipped me a new replacement on the promise (and credit card collateral) that I send them back the dud. They’re even paying the return postage. More than this I can’t ask: it’s certainly better than the “all our customers are morons” experience I had with Google.

So far, my experience with Android equipment has been worth every penny I’ve spent.