Interesting Images

A task in the online OU/RPS course TG089 is to browse Flickr Explore and find five images that “catch your eye”. These are the images (click through for the gallery):

Interesting Images

The F-16 is just a beautiful aircraft and the photo of it is well-executed from a great vantage point. I might want to see a little narrower depth of field or a slightly longer shutter speed to add more of a sense of motion in the picture by softening the background even more.

I liked the orange metal panels for its abstract but ordered pattern. I’m not normally keen on orange things (no idea why) but this appealed to me because of the variety of shades. If I had taken the photo, I might be tempted to adjust the aspect ratio so as to have the central diagonal go from corner to corner.

Roger Fry’s Tornado flypast is a brilliant capture of these amazing aircraft against the rays of sunlight from a gap in the clouds. The planes are positioned perfectly in the frame. I might have cropped the lower part of the image just enough to remove the light band of cloud along the lower right edge.

The greenwashing image is just funky. The anthropomorphic boiler set in the wall, with his fern hair, made me laugh out loud. Urban decay meets Star Wars. If it were my photo, I would want to adjust out the lens distortion visible at the edges of the frame.

“Do I wanna know” is dark and moody and brings focus to the roofline set in a threatening sky. It would have been tempting to make this monochrome (especially as it’s taken on a Fuji – the Acros film simulations are stunning) but Leopold has kept the colour and I think this works really well. I might have tried to brighten the building façade a little more, but I might have then put it back.

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