PhD: pronounced “phud”

cover-7-2-3-borderFive months in, and I can’t find a way of shutting off those bells ringing in my head. Fortunately, James Hayton (@jameshaytonphd) has just published his little book, “PhD: An uncommon guide to research, writing & PhD life“.

James has a PhD in Physics yet his helpful and reassuring guidance has been incredibly useful to me (my research is in education) at this point. He has given me some clarity in my view of the various aspects of undertaking a programme like this. Some of the things that had been worrying me include note-taking when reading; organising my thinking in respect of the research approach; working with tools; project management for academic purposes; and being focused about skills development.

I recommend it to all current PhD students and those thinking about it. If you can’t find the twenty quid for the book right now, pop over to James’ blog to find some brilliant articles of interest and relevance. If you have an hour, sit back and enjoy his 2013 talk at the University of Edinburgh, available on YouTube: