Now is the time..

… to say “Goodbye” to the Open University MOOC, h817open. I’ve not been giving sufficient time and effort to participating in the community and course over the past couple of weeks and other priorities have now to take precedence.

Thank you to the Open University for making it available and to all of the community of moocers who have commented, encouraged and argued with my posts, and provided real stimulus through their own posts and contributions in blogs, forums and social media channels that make up the magnificent moociness. Good luck to those who are sticking it out: I’ve learned a lot from you.

3 thoughts on “Now is the time..

  1. Thank you, Nick. You showed me how Storybird could be used as an effectfull product for adults (even though you had that experience with your openness book). Enjoy your new projects. Hope to meet you again later on. Salut

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