What shall we call it?

tagxedoWell, I’m exhausted. I’ve been mooc-hing about the various online and social media manifestations of edcmooc – the E-Learning and Digital Cultures Massive Open Online Course – and I’m beginning to get the idea that this is certainly a massive community. There’s no point in blogging how many people are in on it because by the time I get to the end of the sentence it will have changed again.

What I am discovering is that I’m not as up to speed with the web tools and channels which might be useful as I thought I was. There’s the problem with having to work for a living.

Still, never mind. I’ll share one with you that I didn’t know about, called Tagxedo, which does the clever wordle thing but from an easy interface – give it a RSS, twitter, or whatever, and it’ll produce some nice interactive widget which you can blag for your blog (see above example) for free. It’s nice.

Anyway, pardon me, I’m going to have a lie down, having had a look around some of the edmooc stuff – Facebook, Twitter, Wiki(spaces), virtual school, Pinterest, Diigo, Google+, GoogleDocs, Google sites, maps, Meetups, Flickr – all in use and the course doesn’t start for another two weeks.

So what is this massive community doing with all this stuff? Basically, saying hello, pointing at other bits you don’t know about, trying out stuff, deciding what colour it should be, whether we should all go down the pub or meet in Barstucks, hello, what do you do, I’m in media, oh wow, and isn’t this all lovely, wouldn’t that cheeseplant look better by the window kind of stuff.

I can’t make up my mind if I’m over or underwhelmed. Watch this space.