I have maintained a web log (blog) in various forms since 1997, shortly after setting up Cullaloe Project Resource Limited. The first was hand-crafted in HTML. The latest, whilst using the best of content management software, is still subject to a bit of hand-coding.

Other sites have published my articles including and the Scottish Book Trust (Evolving Literacies in the New Curriculum, May 2011).


From 2009 to 2011, I published a series of video tutorials using and the iTunes video podcasting service for students, including:

  • A review of the SQA Physics exams 2009
  • Displacement vector problem
  • Kinematic motion in one dimension
  • Higher golf ball problem (parts 1 and 2)
  • Higher helicopter problem
  • Lab: measuring the speed of sound
  • Derivation of the equations of motion for Advanced Higher
  • Relativistic mass and energy
  • Unknown uncertainty: critically examining knowledge
  • Fire waves – the Rubens Tube
  • Ray tracing for the convex lens
  • The Edinburgh Cannon and the speed of sound
  • Rocket day


"The best Van de Graff hair ever", according to Gregor Steele. He's a man who ought to know.

Since 2008, I have recorded and published an irregular audio podcast with commentary on education matters and pedagogy.

Current titles are available through iTunes or my server. They include:

  • Language is Never Neutral, October 2017
  • Do teachers suffer cultural isolation?, February 2016
  • The Scottish Academy, September 2015
  • How can systems learn?, March 2014
  • Mandela and another African Democracy, December 2013
  • The Heat Death of the Universe, September 2013
  • How do good students cope with bad teaching? May 2013
  • There’s nothing that can’t be challenged by ignorance, April 2013

Earlier titles include:

  • The essence of CfEness, January 2013
  • Do we need a National Intranet? round table from the SLF, September 2012
  • A big hole in Glasgow: a big opportunity for Scotland, September 2012
  • CfE: assessment and curricular models, September 2012
  • The Natural Teacher, September 2012
  • Childrens’ voices, July 2012
  • Cognitive development, from the SLF, September 2009
  • Post-interview reflection, Dunoon, October 2009
  • Assessment in CfE, from the SLF, September 2010
  • Why do we need to learn MFL when we’ve got Google?, October 2010
  • The CfE Project, November 2010
  • The nurturing approach, December 2010
  • Challenge in the curriculum, January 2011
  • The dirty secret of internal assessment, February 2011
  • Motivation, March 2011
  • Unlocking achievement, March 2011
  • Changing behaviours, April 2011
  • Developing skills in S3, May 2011

There have also been podcasts for students.