About me

About me

2019, Jun 21    

I am a Senior Teaching Fellow at Edinburgh University’s Moray House School of Education, leading teacher education in science and physics across primary and secondary sectors.

Before spending time in education, I held technical and commercial roles in military operations, aviation, IT, simulation and training. Trade certifications include Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD). My ongoing interests include intelligent automation and the potential this has in teaching and learning.

My professional designations include Chartered Physicist (CPhys), Chartered Scientist (CSci), member of the Institute of Physics (MInstP) and member of the Royal Aeronautical Society (MRAeS). I am a member of ScotlandIS.

I am also a keen amateur photographer. You can see my photographs on a number of channels, including my own niximagery website.

Other websites I write or host include tales of the family, The Natural Partners Project, and Kara Mudie’s photography site. Cullaloe.net is our server home, housing data services and the VPS. Even the once mighty SPTR is still poised, ready to be deployed if needed.

You can find my current cv here (pdf, 100kB).

Nick Hood