Web Design CPD

Web Design CPD

2020, Mar 31    

For a bit of mental wellbeing during the COVID-19 outbreak, I finished an online CPD course I’d started a couple of years ago with Quincy Larson’s Free Code Camp.

To complete the certification, there are a number of little guided projects to follow using the CodePen interactive development environment. This allows you to use automatic testing frameworks if you wish. I prefer just to the follow the specification. What I particularly like is that this CPD provider makes use of plagiarism checking tools, and requires students to make a declaration of academic integrity before submitting work for the certification. This forces you to not take short cuts and actually do the coding properly - which forces you to learn it more effectively. It would be easy to just cut ‘n’ paste from the example code they give you as scaffolding but the knowledge and skills required would evaporate quickly.


This is a screenshot of my certificate.