NextCloud update to 15.0.8
Update screenshot

NextCloud update to 15.0.8

2019, Jun 23    

Listening to Linux Unplugged 307, which featured a discussion on NextCloud and its various features, prompted me to check the software state of my own instance running on my VPS1.

Logging in to the admin interface, it was easy enough to update to the latest version 15.0.8, automatically. I took a look at some of the apps mentioned in the podcast: I am using calendar, contacts, email and files on a daily basis, all fully integrated with my (mostly Mac-based) business workflow.

I’m not tempted much by the notes app because the OSX- and IOS-based email notes work very well on all of my devices except Linux machines. This isn’t a problem, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a fully device agnostic notes solution?

Finally, the OpenWeather API app was quick and easy to set up within the dashboard. I now know when it’s raining.

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