Nick learned to program a computer when he was in the Army and applied that skill with his avionics knowledge to modelling aircraft systems for pilot training simulators through the latter two decades of the 20th century, eventually setting up his own company. The business, Cullaloe Project Resource Limited, had offices in Fife and served clients across the UK with technical solutions in a number of public service, industrial and commercial sectors. During this time, Nick was awarded charter MCP status by Microsoft when he was one of the first in Europe to be accredited as a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer.

In education, Nick applies his technical expertise in the classroom and beyond to encourage other educators to make pedagogically sound use of technology. He operates web-based facilities in support of the Physics teaching community in Scotland under the persona of “the Magic Physics Pixies”. Membership of his pro bono Scottish Physics Teaching Resources site ( exceeds 900 and serves several GigaBytes of resources per month to the benefit of Scotland’s secondary physics students.

The Scottish Government has consulted with a group of technologically competent educators and stakeholders in the development of GLOW, the national schools intranet. Nick was invited to participate in a number of events associated with this consultation process, including:

  • 2010 Technologies for learning seminar at the International Futures Forum in Aberdour
  • 2011 ICT in Scottish Education summit at the Stirling Management Centre. Richard Nealsson, LTS and others wrote it up.

CPD operated by Nick has included technology updates and seminars:

  • 2009 Interactive Wii-te board, technology workshop.
  • 2010 Channels of Engagement, a half-day workshop for SSERC
  • 2010 Using New Media in Science Education Scottish Science Education Conference, a workshop with Sinclair MacKenzie.