How to make Hollandaise sauce
Nick Hood

How to make Hollandaise sauce

2023, Jan 01    

Creamy Hollandaise New Year’s Day and the resolution list includes being more confident in the kitchen, so I aksed Alexa for a recipe for Hollandaise, which she obliged me with, from the BBC Good Food website. It’s very simple and straightforward and any fule can make this. Start by clarifying half a pack of butter in a small pan, skimming the white solids off the top as you heat it. Meanwhile, whisk up a couple of fresh egg yolks with white wine vinegar, a little salt, and a splash of cold water in a glass bowl, transferring the bowl to sit over some softly simmering water after a minute or two. Continue whisking until you get a nice pale, thick sauce. Remove the pan from the heat and gradually whisk in the butter to make a rich, creamy Hollandaise.

Place all of the pans on the side ready for cleaning, and open a jar of Tesco’s Finest Hollandaise sauce to spoon over your poached egg.