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Data Error

2019, Jun 29    

My normally quiescent twitter feed lit up a little this week in a case of mistaken identity, when Google Analytics posted about Scroll Depth Heat Maps in Google’s Data studio. Google tagged me instead of the Data Analyst, Nick Hood who wrote the blog post they were reporting on.

What was particularly funny about this was a response from Dave Jackson that “Scroll depth … has ruined vast areas of the internet”, the responsibility for which I quickly claimed.

All good clean banter, and dealt with appropriately by the other Nick Hood, who waved at me, internet-style, from his data business in Australia. Hello back, Nick. Thanks for the reminder that there are people in the world who aren’t constantly looking for others to make faces at, or blame for their misery.

Oh, and if you think that I am responsible for ruining vast areas of the internet, yeah, I did that. You can get my cv here if you want to offer me a job.

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