Capture One Webinar
Nick Hood

Capture One Webinar

2019, Dec 19    

Capture One is the preferred choice of many photographers, me included. One reason for this is that Phase One, the company behind the program, understand excellence in design, production and performance and that these depend on effective learning by the users of their products. To this end, they operate a learning hub. With the recent release of a new version, Capture One Pro 20, new webinars and tutorials allow users to get the most from the new developments.

I accessed two of these, the first a recording of a webinar Top 5 things to know about Capture One Pro 20, and the second, through live participation in a webinar Hit the Ground Running, designed for new users to the software. Although I have been using Capture One for a year or so now, this seminar was useful to get me familiar with the new features and a more professional workflow. I went on to access some of the short tutorials in the Learning Hub.


Capture One Pro is a powerful digital photography management and editing software program made by the Danish manufacturers of Phase One cameras.

“Poppies” image © 2019. A quick re-edit using the new program.