Teachers as researchers

Fran Dainty has responded to Dylan William’s recent challenge to the notion that teachers can be researchers. Her post adds another patronising twist to the demands that some under-informed policy makers make when they try to insist that “teachers must also be researchers”. The reality is that we live in the Donaldson era and that means that teachers, like all would-be professionals [1], need clarity of purpose… Read more →

Curricular models in Scotland

I’ve just concluded a survey of curricular models adopted in Scottish schools. Academically robust it isn’t but it does seem to indicate that only about a third of schools are implementing a broad general education into S3 with many schools opting to begin courses leading to National 4 and 5 certification. You can access the summary below. Structures Survey summary… Read more →

Please help: Nursery/early years teachers survey

A colleague at Edinburgh University is conducting research into science and mathematics in the nursery and early years (ages 3-8) across Europe as part of a wider project to enhance creativity. It would help us greatly if there were more respondents from Scotland in the next few days. If you are a nursery or early years practitioner please consider taking… Read more →

SSAC Science Education Workshop

I attended a Scottish Science Advisory Council workshop led by Professor Jim Hough at Glasgow University on Tuesday evening. I arrived a few minutes late and missed the opening remarks from Professor Anne Glover, the Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser. The scene was set by presentations from Professor Nigel Brown for the Universities, Dr. Allan Colquhoun for Industry, Ronna Montgomery for… Read more →