Praise and appreciation are great motivators. It’s nice to be noticed and for your contributions to be valued. I got this in the mail:   “Your sincere contributions and support makes this conference a great success”. I wasn’t there. Glad to have been of such service. I hope to make a similar contribution to the success of your conference this… Read more →

Scottish Ballet

It’s been a while since I had the time to post here – I offer no excuses, merely to say that life has taken some interesting turns since the spring of 2012, all of which have conspired to keep me away from this channel. However… Last night, unplanned until the day before, my partner and I grabbed an unexpected free… Read more →

A lecture in memory of Tom Conlon

This lecture might be interesting given the current debate around GLOW and the future of computing in CfE. From the flyer: ICT in schools is at an historic choice point. We could continue to focus on the use of office products in business, etc, which students often find repetitive, boring and uninspiring. Or we could refocus on the principles of… Read more →